Cedar Fence

close up of cedar fence sectionThe best natural fence material. AMECHI also manufactures an extensive selection of decorative wood fence in all the most desirable styles. Including many AMECHI original designs. Traditional cedar forest products have always been a popular choice for fencing, chosen for its ability to resist warping and insect damage. Cedar fence will give you decades of satisfaction and service.

Cedar offers more durability than many other types of wood. It is very strong and resistant to rot, moisture and damage from insects. Cedar can withstand weather elements and doesn’t shrink and swell like many other types of wood.  Using cedar may add years of life to the fence because cedar wood will actually change its moisture content to closely match the atmosphere. Moisture in the fence is what commonly causes wood to warp and crack, especially in colder climates during freeze and thaw cycles.

Whether the reason you’re thinking about getting a cedar fence is for added privacy, keeping pets or small children inside your yard, preventing access to your property from strangers or enhancing the appeal of your property, you can’t go wrong with a fine cedar fence from Amechi.

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  • Cedar trees are a group of coniferous trees, belonging to the plant family called ‘Pinaceae’.
  • They are known to live for as long as 800 years.
  • Humans have been using cedar from the beginning of recorded history. The ancient Egyptians used the oil extracted from Cedar during the mummification process. Cedar is even found in the Himalayas of Tibet. It was used to build King Solomon’s temple and the ships of Alexander the Great.
  • The tree is officially, the national symbol of Lebanese Republic and appears on the Lebanese flag.
  • Incense Cedar, found on Western part of the U.S., is used to produce pencils.
  • Cedar trees are also grown for their scented and decay resistant wood. Cedar wood and oils derived from it, can act as natural repellents to moths. Hence, they are used in modern closet linings.
  • Guitar soundboards are made from western red cedar trees, while guitar necks are made of Spanish cedar.
  • Cedar wood has 80% the strength of Oak.
  • Western Red Cedar fibers contain oils that act as natural preservatives to help the wood resist rot and decay making it excellent furniture material for moist or humid climates. These properties also make Cedar a very popular material for hot tub and sauna areas.

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