Q. What is a Vinyl Fence?
A. The base ingredient is PVC (poly vinyl chloride) compound produced to industry standards here in the USA. The compound includes a high level of Titanium Dioxide for long term resistance to ultra violet light from the sun, as well as impact modifiers for superior strength.

Q. How long will a vinyl fence last?
A. Vinyl fence is made from similar formulations as vinyl windows and siding, which has already proven it can last when exposed to weather. Our vinyl fence carries a lifetime warranty.

Q. How do I find out how much fence I need?
A. You can bring your survey plan into our office/showroom. You can fax the survey to us with your instructions. You can e-mail your information to us. And you can also make an appointment for one of our experienced estimators to visit your house for an at home estimate.

Q. How long will I have to wait for an installation?
A. Not long at all. Most fences are installed in 2-4 weeks.

Q. What time of the year is best for fence installation?
A. Any time. Conditions in New Jersey permit almost year round installation.

Q How do your prices compare?
A. There is always something on sale at AMECHI Fence. We were the 1st in our region to manufacture vinyl fence. This gave us an advantage. When buying materials we were able to cut out the middle man and concentrate on providing better materials at a very attractive price. The shear volume of fence sections sold confirms that our customers found there best value here. We are constantly working to provide the best fencing values in our region.

Q . How strong is vinyl fence?
A. The compound used in our vinyl fence has been produced using the best possible formulation to achieve a durable vinyl product that resist’s degradation and breakage under normal circumstances. The product formula is optimized to provide long life. We’ve been installing vinyl fence ever since its inception. In our experience there has been no unexplained damage to the product. Of course, damage will be incurred if, for example, a trees limb falls on your fence, or a car hits it.

Q. Will vinyl burn?
A. PVC has a flash point of 900 degrees F, and does not readily ignite. Vinyl is therefore classified as self extinguishing.

Q. How do vinyl fence costs compare to wood fence?
A. The initial cost of a wood fence is some what lower, but requires more maintenance and has a shorter life expectancy. Vinyl fence costs more but provides a low maintenance alternative that always looks new and lasts a life time. In the long run the vinyl fence can cost less when you calculate maintenance costs versus longevity. Our estimators will be happy to compare the options so you can make the best choice.

Q. Will vinyl fence “Yellow”?
A. Do to our vinyl fence’s high concentration of titanium dioxide the product carries a lifetime warranty against abnormal discoloration.

Q. Are gates available?
A. Yes we make gates in many heights and widths to match every style we sell.

Q. Should posts be cemented in?
A. Yes cement is beneficial for vinyl posts to lock the post in place and prevent settling. We set every post with a bag of cement. Even though cement can reduce the life of a wood post, we still find it useful to stabilize gate posts.

Q. Is there a height limit?
A. Please consult your local building code for specifics. Typically 6ft. high fence can be installed in your rear yard. Sometimes 3ft. or 4ft. high open spaced fences can be installed in the front yard. Your building and zoning officials can provide more detailed information.

Q. What is your online PRIVACY POLICY?
A. You may read our Privacy Policy here.

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