Chain Link

Chain link fence closeupAmechi Fence offers all types of commercial chain link fences. We are fully versed in the requirements of commercial and industrial projects. Chain link fencing is low on cost and maintenance and high on durability.

Chain link fence, also known as hurricane or cyclone fencing, is highly practical in areas where intense winds are a problem. They may not be good for privacy, but because chain link fences can be seen through, it maintains an open appearance for those who don’t want to obscure their view.

Chain link fences will last a long time, even in a cold weather climate. They are built to last with corrosion-resistant zinc coating and a chemical treatment process that allows individual wires to self heal to prevent rust formation. If it becomes damaged due to wear and tear, or an accident or vandalism, the damaged section can be easily cut out and replaced. But it is difficult to cut through because it’s  galvanized.

Chain link fencing is an inexpensive option, especially if you have a large area to fence in. It’s a sensible way to help keep out wildlife and trespassers without breaking the budget.

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  • Chain link fences were first manufactured in the United Kingdom in the mid 1800′s by a company named Barnard, Bishop and Barnard started producing chain link fences with machines. The process was developed by Charles Barnard in 1844 based on cloth weaving machines.
  • Anchor Post Fence Co. (established in 1898) bought the rights to the machine, and was the first US company to manufacture chain-link fencing in the United States. Anchor Fence, also holds the first US patent of chain-link.
  • The first American chain link fence was installed in New Jersey.
  • The manufacturing of chain-link fencing is called weaving.
  • Many parks in London were fitted with chain-link fencing during the Second World War when the original iron and steel railings were removed for the war effort.
  • According to the US Department of Commerce, half of all fences sold in this country are chain link fences.
  • It’s sometimes called cyclone or hurricane fencing because after a hurricane, often it was the only thing standing.

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